30 Juli 2009


I found some really great Vintage-y kitchens on Country Living and wanted to share them...
Aren't they gorgeous?

I really wish one of those would be mine... *sigh*


29 Juli 2009

Special Wedding Bands

Why always having traditional wedding bands/rings?
How about matching tattoos?
Here are some example on this very gorgeous and unique idea - in my point of view...

Source 1-4

Source 5

Source 6

Source 7
L.O.V.E :-)

28 Juli 2009

Wedding: Invitations

Wedding Paper Divas

This is what they say about theirselves on their Homepage:
>>Wedding Paper Divas was created by three friends who share a love of giving and receiving high quality stationery. Seeing paper and hand-written notes increasingly taking a back seat to email and digital communications, we set out to restore the excitement and the days of announcements, invitations and "just-because" notes in everyone's mailboxes. Having worked in ecommerce in Silicon Valley for many years and sharing a passion for new technology that makes people's lives easier and more convenient, we were inspired to build a website that made shopping for paper fun, easy and even better than the store shopping experience. As recent newlyweds ourselves, we were especially drawn to the wedding market after personally going through the frustrating experience of trying to shop for unique, high-quality wedding invitations online.
Since our parent company, Tiny Prints, launched in Spring 2004, we have been very fortunate to serve our very loyal and passionate customers who share our same appreciation for giving great stationery. We love what we do and find great joy in helping brides-to-be find the perfect design and paper that inspires and leaves a lasting impression.
Wedding Paper Divas, a recent addition to the family to Tiny Prints, offers only exclusive designs and stationery found nowhere else online or offline. We work with well-known to up-and-coming artists who design wedding invitations, bridal shower invitations and thank you cards just for Wedding Paper Divas. And because we use the latest in digital printing technology, you are guaranteed the highest quality printing and extremely fast turnaround.<<

Here are some great examples of their invitations series - be sure to check out all the rest of their range :-)

They offer all their invitations in different and even custom colors.

via WeddingPaperDivas

Be sure to check out their Blog...

24 Juli 2009

Nice Entrance

OMG - I really laughed tears while seeing this really cool wedding endtrance...

It's so worth watching :-))

15 Juli 2009

Home Decor

I you have all the money in the world you can put some of these lovely things in your living room...

everything from Impressionen

13 Juli 2009

Inspiration Board #1

Sunny Sunflowers

How wonderful are those bright colors? Sunny yellow with sunflowers - such a great combination...

all pictures via projectwedding
Inspiration Board by me

12 Juli 2009

German Etsy

Unglaublich. Ich dachte immer Etsy ist einzigartig. Dann hab ich vorher herausgefunden, dass es Etsy auch in einer deutschen Ausgabe gibt und die heißt DaWanda.
Und ich bestell immer in den USA - was ja gar nicht so schlecht ist, weil der Dollar-Kurs ja momentan sehr günstig für uns ist ;-)
Auf jeden Fall ist für uns in Deutschland und Umgebung DaWanda wirklich einen Klick wert :-)
Viel Spass beim stöbern!

Clutch via DaWanda

Haarband via DaWanda

10 Juli 2009

Wedding: Photographer

This wedding of Dana and Mike is so amazing. The bride is so wonderful, the bouquets is gorgeous and everything seems so harmonic...

Unfortunately I cannot show you any pictures but please take a look.
You'll find this wedding on Chris Leary's blog.
He's a NY photographer and his pictures are stunning!
The wedding did take place at the "Studio 450" in New York :-)

Image Source

Recipe: Spring Cake

This is a strawberry shortcake. It sounds yummy :-)

Ingredients (6-8 portions)
Strawberry sauce:
1 kg strawberries, washed and cut into pieces (not too small)
75 g sugar
1 T lemon juice
Fresh strawberries:
750 g Strawberries, washed and cut in half, kept in the fridge

280 g flour
2 ½ t baking powder
1 t salt
1 T sugar
75 g cold butter, cut into small pieces
180 ml cold cream

1 Begin by making the strawberry sauce. Put everything into a small pan, lid on, and cook until it boils. Remove the lid and let simmer for 10 minutes.
2 Prepare the fresh strawberries and set aside in a container in the fridge.
3 Preheat your oven to 225°C. Line a baking sheet with paper.
4 Whisk together the dry ingredients in a large bowl, then blend in the cold butter with your fingertips or a pastry blender until mixture resembles a coarse meal. Add the cold cream and stir just until a dough forms.
5 Put the dough out onto a slightly floured work surface and pat or roll out the dough to 1cm thickness. Use a glass or cookie cutter to cut the dough into portions and place on the baking sheet. Try and cut the pieces very close together so you don't have to re-roll out the dough, which ruins the light texture of it.
6 Bake for 10-12 minutes.
7 Now pack up your items for picnic transport as follows: wrap the biscuits in a cotton towel, take your warm strawberry sauce in one container, the fresh in another. For those of you who like whipped cream, don't forget to pack a can of it.
8 Here is the assembly of the dessert: take a biscuit and but it in half, horizontally. Put the bottom half on a plate, followed by the warm sauce, the fresh berries, the whipped cream and the other biscuit half. Eat and enjoy.

Everything by Cynthia Barcomi
If you haven't tried her baking stuff, get her baking book. It's absolutely great.

09 Juli 2009

Home Decor

I really love lovely home decor.
So I just looked around and found those love bird wall decals. Aren't they cute?

via Etsy

via Etsy

via Etsy

08 Juli 2009

DIY: pearl necklace

So this is something for those crafty brides out there.
If you are still looking for a lovely and simple and cheap necklace, just do it yourself.

This is what it looks like in origin (Lanvin, 1320$):

And this is what it looks like when it's selfmade:

Find the whole tutorial out here...

Inspiration Board

Just wanna share some really wonderful inspiration boards from snippet & ink:

Centerpiece #1

I really need to share this fantastic table setting with you.
Those colors and arrangements makes it so perfect. :-)

as seen on concrete and honey

05 Juli 2009


I just wanted to post some inspirations that I found throuout the internet.
As I needed/wanted to get my other blogs private I wanna post some things round here...

Hope you like it :-)